Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Mission To Warn The World

I guess this might be pretty "political" for my first BLOG and I don't normally consider myself as political in nature. However, I can not keep myself from being consumed with the current presidential election. Now, I know there are some of you who will totally NOT agree with me and I am prepared for that, but I figure what I have to say is just as important as what you have to say so here goes...

For a long time I have wondered what our country sees in either canidate running for the Highest Office in our country.

First I will address the McCain issue: this man didn't even get the nomination before when Bush was running and HE is the BEST the Republician party has to offer this time around? Did they WANT to lose??? Did they make a concious decision to just give the presidancy to the Democrats? I know McCain is a war hero...haven't we all heard it over and over again from him? Yes, I think he has done some amazing things in his lifetime, but he has major downfalls. He talks all "POLITICO" and kinda acts like the average "Joe" doesn't understand all the issues the way he does. No- I don't think he will be a good answer to our crumbling economy (but will anyone?) and No- I don't think he has the answer to healthcare in America ...BUT I DO think he will do whatever it takes to keep us safe and I do know that his record on this ONE fact stands strong. With all that said I have chosen to support McCain simply because I feel compelled to keep Obama out of office (even if it is with my one little vote)

Now to the bigger issue: Obama! Ok yes I know this appreas to be a Republician supporter bashing the democratic nominee but, I really want to keep party lines out of it... Let me preface my coming comments with I KINDA LIKE JOE BIDEN and he is a democrat so keep that in your back pocket. So, here we go! IS AMERICA CRAZY??? First of all the FACT that he has little experience is a BIG deal. The FACT that he has friendships with questionable peoplle concerns me. These aren't just average questionable people here... he lied about how involved he was with Bill Ayers and just so you know he is quietly endorsed by the Palestinian Liberation Orginazation AND Hamas! Come on people they know something YOU don't! Yes, he has distanced himself from Jeremiah Wright but ONLY once it started looking like it would keep him from being elected. Do you really think that he didn't have a private phone conversation with Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright BEFORE he publicially disowned them. Don't you think they said Barack, the bigger issue here is you getting elected. Tell the people what they want to hear and you can get into office...we know we are friends.. Distance yourself for now and we WILL RULE THE WORLD! Ok maybe it wasn't so"Pinky and the Brain" like but still.... they knew he was going to denounce them and they advised him to do so for the "Greater Good". The issue with A.C.O.R.N. is a BIG deal! You can't tell me that him defending their actions as their lawyer and being on their board of directors doens't give him internal ties! This foundation is being investigated for VOTER Fraud people! Do you really think there is NO Connection?? We want to brush the A.C.O.R.N. thing under the rug yet, NAIL Sarah Palin on "Troopergate"..come on! He wants to require people to put their toddlers in school in his "Zero to Five" plan and people are really buying the fact it is for the betterment of their children. Do any of you remember Hitler? He targeted the YOUTH to get into power... Obama is targeting College level youth all the way to our precious babies. You really think that the government mandiated schooling won't be biased and teach what the Government wants. I know most everyone is going to think I am crazy but weren't there people in Germany that were out there saying wait a minute are you really being fooled by this?? Now I am looking at all of this saying REALLY??? Nothing is a big deal...none of this matters?>? Yes, I am a Christian and no, I don't beleive that he is. I believe he will say whatever neccessary to get elected! Wake up people!

I have to address this next thing because I know there are people out there who will say that I am a racist. This, to me, is the MOST insane way to defend this canidate. I am NOT a racist I have trained my children to not see color and they don't! When a group of kids are standing together, my kids refer to children based on the color of their clothes instead of their skin. I have many friends who are not of my nationaliaty and I have dated an Africian American as well as a Hispanic. SO I am not a racist! I am, however, someone who thinks our religious freedoms are worth fighting for/ I am someone who doesn't think the government needs to mandiate every aspect of our life. I do think that we need to be careful and not be mislead by fancy speeches and appearances.

SO! I will have to address my feelings on the Vice Presidential canidates for another time~
Thanks for reading about the world I live in!

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